Track draining boxes

  • for grooved rails: 53 Ri1 to 67 Ri1
  • for vignol rails: 41 E1 to 60 E1
  • for special rail profiles
  • Bolted lid

You can find more details in the description below


Designs/ Gauges
We produce welded boxes for standard gauges as well as for special profiles and heights of all rail profiles. The standard boxes are made of 10mm steelplate with a drain (ø 101,6 x 8 mm) in the center and a double secured lid made of bulb plate. Always contained in the scope of delivery are gutters, which are mounted on both sides of the neck of the rail and then placed on the box or, if desired, bolted on as well.

Special Designs
We produce all various kinds of special designs to fit your rails or desires: lateral drains, different diameters or types of lids. So we also offer a rattle free variation with a tripartite lid, on which the outer parts of the lid are fully welded and the middle segment is placed on permanently elastic rubber strips, bolted shut and secured by blocking discs.

Individual system solutions
We manufacture complete cross drainages according to your specification. We are also happy to provide you with information according to load classes, e.g. choosing the right lid.