Transport axle with air brake Ro-V 196e

Especially designed for use in combination with RR-excavators, the Ro-V 196 heavy duty trolley provides a maximum safety at best running qualities. The installed air brake system works on all 4 wheels as an operational and tear-off-brake. Additionally, a mechanical parkimng brake is installed. It is possible to deliver a pair of axles either with 4 or 8 wheel brakes.



Various superstructuires and attachments may be installed, e.g. Ballast containers, carriage frames or turntables. For quick assembly and dismantling, there are twist-locks on all corners. The connection to the tow vehicle is given by a hauling bar and air hose.


Setting on track may be realized by 1 person and excavator. For road transport, standard trucks or trailers may be used. The corresponding ballast containers, specific structures and attachment may be delivered together as a complete system.



Length x Width x Höhe (RTL)



Wheel base 800 mm






Hauling speed 20km/h in both directions
Number wheels 4
Running diameter wheel 330 mm
Weight ca. 650 kg/axle
Couplers Both sides, Rockinger SK30
Service brake pneumatical

Parking brake



Load capacity 10t, optional more