Ro-V 149.3 leichte Zweiwege‑Schienenschleifmaschine

Rail-road ginder for reprofiling, removing corrugation and rolling skin. Because of the compact design the grinder fits in nearly all clearance profiles with 1000mm gauge. It can be transorted in a 40ft-High-Cube Container.

dimensions (LxWxH): 4700x1900x2530
axle distance road (mm): 2900
axle distance rail (mm): 1520
total mass: 6,5 t
installed capacity: 100kVA; 400V / 230V AC

grinding spindles:

6 pieces, variable speed up to 5000 / min
7,5kW per spindle (11kW for short time)

cup stones 100mm or 125mm
mounting M 20 or bore 22 mm; grinding
angle 45° inside, 15° outside

disk stones up to 320 mm
mounting M 20 left;
grinding angle 45° to 90° inside

driving speed 20 km/h
working speed 10 - 20 m/min (infinitely variable)
climbing ability: 60 ‰ (pretension brake vehicle if necessary)
track width adjustment: 1000 to 1500mm stepless
Dust extraction 8000 m³/h