Ro-V 257 light prewarming trolley

Light and easy to handle rail heating trolley for 33kg propane bottles with 4 box burners. The unit can be dismantled and is easy to transport and store due to its dimensions and weight.
Burner and heat shields are made of stainless steel, the frame construction is hot-dip galvanized.

Technical data:
Dimensions in use:
Length x width x height [mm] 2700 x 560 (+1250) x 750
track gauge: 1435 mm (other possible)
Weight: 54 kg
Weight bottle carrier trolley: 29 kg
Weight of burner head: 22 kg
Weight of outrigger: 3 kg
Gas consumption at 1 bar: 16,5kg/h
Gas container: 33kg DIN 4661


Scope of delivery:
- 1 bottle carrier trolley with liquid gas system
- 1 burner head with 4 box burners
Support roller arm for 1435mm track (optionally other track widths)