Sleeper drilling trolley Ro-V 282.Sb

Special carriage to drill or hole-cut sleeper dowels and damaged screws or to produce dowel holes. The device is applicable for slab track and for wooden or recycling sleepers as well. The concept combines precision and ergonomic handling with a maximum of productivity in short possession times.


The carriage locks itself electro-hydraulically at drilling position by pushing the corresponding button. In this position, the screw positions may be reached by pushing the drilling head over the cross-slide until the final drilling point is reached. The drilling head is clamped in this position and the drilling process may start.

In areas with crossings or elevated check rails, the rail clams may be lifted manually. A second coupled trolley to transport water unit and hand tools is available.




Length x Width x Höhe (RTL)



Wheel base 535mm


1435mm, optional others
Hauling speed 5kph, pushed
Number wheels 4+4
Running diameter wheel 90 mm
Weight 295kg
Locking on rail 4x, elektrohydraulic
Lighting 2x LED 24V

Parking brake



Power supply 230V 50Hz 2000W über Schleppkabel oder Kleinstromerzeuger

Optional Akkupack

Drilling head Hilti, optional others
Drills holecutter 42mm, optional other diameters r or spiral drills