Track rods

Track rods made of different profile steel. E.g. flat 70x10 mm u.a.

  • for grooved rails: 53 Ri1 to 67 Ri1
  • for vignol rails: 41 E1 to 60 E1
  • for special rail profiles

You can find more details in the description below.


Apart from the standard gauges we also manufacture special lengths according to your needs, e.g. for inhouse railways, turn outs or bridges.

Special Designs
We offer all types also in special designs, e.g. angulated, isolated or the special RS- rod to fix underneath the paving. We also offer the track rod for vignol rails, that resembles a rod of round steel, which is buckled around the rail foot.


  • track rod screws with nut
  • different variations of spacer plates
  • clamp plates
  • stone bolts
  • thread rods

Production guidelines
Construction in accordance with the relevant VDV- and VOVSuperstructure- regulations, length tolerances accordung to DIN EN ISO 13920-CG